Choosing a Swimmable Fabric Mermaid Tails

When selecting a mermaid tails for swimming, you’ll find a number of options, with an impact in cost. In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss bathing suit fabric tails – produced from nylon spandex. On the web you’ll find spandex tails varying in cost from approximately $100 to $350.

The reason behind these prices is the fact that, first, nylon-spandex fabric is very costly, also it takes a minimum of 2 yards to create one fundamental tail. Second, the price of the monofin can also be costly, and it is incorporated together with your tail. Third, the mermaid tail store needs to pay a specialist to stitch the tail well. Many of these costs accumulate rapidly.

However these costs are identical for everybody, and so i cannot let you know why one place sells exactly the same fundamental tail for near to $100 and the other sells one for $350. I’d reckon that the previous is selling the tails baffled, or using inexpensive labor and/or fabrics.

You will find different weights towards the nylon-spandex fabric, in addition to different prints and colours. Spandex with shiny or metallic features onto it cost a great deal more. Heavier spandex is way better quality, and can keep going longer, and it is more costly.

If you purchase a spandex mermaid tail made from thin fabric, it could put on holes inside it somewhat rapidly. The holes put on in the fluke area (the finish from the tail). That’s in which the monofin is, where you’re probably to face up within the water, or push removed from the advantage of the concrete pool. It’s in which the most put on and friction occurs. My first summer time inside a tail, I’d thin, metallic fabric. I swam 2-3 occasions per week inside a pool. Through the finish from the summer time I’d small holes within the fabric at the end of my fluke.

Note: Never, ever fully stand up or hop inside your tail on dry ground. This is extremely harmful and can certainly put on holes inside your tail very rapidly, regardless of what it consists of.

Also, from the first time you go swimming, should you fully stand up within the tail (within the water), push from the concrete, etc., you may expect some rubbing and putting on from the metallic in a few places at the base from the fluke. Even if this occurs the tail still looks beautiful within the water, which means this put on isn’t too noticeable. If you’re careful and do not go swimming greater than 2-3 occasions per week, your thin spandex tail can last you in excess of one season. Obviously, heavier, thicker fabric tails can last longer.

Many swimmers, however, don’t mind the put on and wish a brand new tail color every summer time anyway. So a few of the mermaid tail stores provide a substitute tail skin, essentially a brand new tail with no monofin. You can find a brand new colored tail each time another one goes away, simply varying your monofin in the old tail towards the brand new one. These tail skins aren’t too costly, under $100. (Many bikinis cost greater than a $100!)

Taking care of the spandex tail isn’t very difficult. Due to need to take away the monofin. After each go swimming, simply rinse the tail out well to wash the swimming pool water or brine. It’ll drip a great deal following this rinsing, so it is best to drape it within the bathtub or outdoors to drip dry. After to control your emotions dripping, you are able to lay it flat to complete drying. If you wish to wash it with soap, simply hands-wash it within the bathtub and rinse well.

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A Smart Phone and A Shoes Walk into a Bar…

If you were blown away by the way those little wheels on kid’s sneakers, called skate shoes, sent them streaking across a smooth wooden floor, you’ll love being an adult.  That’s because Under Amour has introduced the first smart shoes like the UA Speedform Velociti REthat up loads information about your workout to your MapMyRun app (owned by Under Armour).  It’s so cool it can use a simple jump test to tell you how hard to run to reach your goal.

Worried about your nutrition as you train?  There’s an app for that.You can take control of your nutritional stats using the database which contains over 5 million foods so you can plan your meals, count the calories and track your nutritional intake and hydration.  You can download their app from iTunes and program it to capture your daily intake.    You can customize it to create your specific profile, map your route if you’re walking or running and keep track of distance hiked, calories burned and much more.But most of all, you can use a Groupon code to save you money on your purchase. There are Groupons that offer 25% off the price of running and training gear from Under Armour. Or 25% off Under Armour athletic wear plus a 10% discount for military personnel and first responders.

You may have outgrown the skate shoe phase, but you’ll be blown away by the information you can capture in an app designed to work in tandem with your sneakers.  Headed back to school?  Be sure to use a Groupon that can save money on backpacks, apparel and accessories for your young scholars, or for everyone in the family.

Their line of shoes that connect via Bluetooth is part of the wave of wearable tech that’s currently hitting the market, marking the intersection of apparel and smart technology designed to make workouts more efficient. The dime-sized chip is built into the sole of the shoe and measures the distance run and logs it to create a chart for comparison.  A phone or watch can run out of power before he workout is done.  The battery in the chip will last three years. So buy a pair of these high tech work out shoes and take your workout to the next level.  The next time you walk into a juice bar, they can talk to each other.

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Reasons to Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Many business owners operate under the false assumption that marketing consultants are only affordable for larger companies. In truth, there are many benefits to hiring a small business marketing consultant, as outlined below.

What Marketing Consultants Do

First, here’s a look at just what a consultant does for organizations:

Overall company evaluation. It’s hard for new business owners to evaluate their young organizations. A consultant can pull from years of business experience to assess the weaknesses and strengths of a fledgling business.

Strategic planning. Consultants must have:

1. A strong educational record in business.

2. Extensive experience as a business leader.

3. Exceptional understanding of how business trends work.

These features allow marketing planners to provide suggestions on how a business can succeed. After learning about an organization and identifying major opportunities and obstacles, a small business marketing consultant should be able to create a strategic plan to lead the firm to success.

Marketing design. Chances are your small business marketing consultant can write excellent ad copy to draw in new customers. Beyond designing small business marketing strategies, consultants can construct complete marketing campaigns. From graphic design to copywriting and editing, a small business consultant can wear many different hats while helping your business succeed.

Project and process management. The consulting lifestyle appeals to many leaders in the corporate world. Indeed, most small business consultants are top business performers who have decided to shift to a different way of life. This means consultants usually have project management and process design skills, which they can employ to improve your business’s performance.

How Small Companies Benefit

Let’s explore the benefits of hiring such consultants:

A fresh perspective. Contracting with a consultant as one of your marketing strategies will bring you an unbiased, fresh perspective. Internal conflicts and ongoing office politics can limit one’s vision. Outside consultants are free of preconceived ideas about your business, so they can provide a fresh perspective.

High-quality help. As mentioned earlier, most business consultants have transitioned to consultancy from a star-studded business career. In other words, you’ll likely receive top-shelf advice from your consultant – and for less than the cost of a single employee.

Peace of mind. Partnering with a marketing contractor can help you feel calm and confident about the future of your business. With peace of mind, you can better focus on your organization’s core offerings and drawing in new business.

Cost and time efficiency. You get great bang for your buck when you hire a marketing contactor. Since most marketing strategy planning consultants charge hourly rates, you avoid paying employee-related taxes by hiring them. Moreover, consultants are experienced, versatile professionals capable of handling everything from social media to long-term strategic planning. Rather than bringing in a new crew of writers, marketers, project managers and designers, you can pay a trusted advisor on an as-needed basis. Hiring a small business marketing consultant maximizes cost-efficiency.

Clearly, there are multiple benefits to partnering with a small business marketing consultant. From creating comprehensive small business marketing strategies to performing overall business check-ups, marketing consultants can help your company shine

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Are Internet Marketing Consultants a Must for Your Business?

Internet marketing has been said to be full of promises. Companies large and small are incorporating online marketing into their marketing strategy mix. However, many experts on marketing believe that any business or company needs an Internet consultant in order to really succeed. This is because of the presence of many online businesses today. The competition in the marketing world has made Internet marketing consultants highly on demand.

So, who is an Internet marketing consultant? An Internet marketing consultant is a person (or sometimes a company) that provides advice, strategies and plans for the goal of reaching maximum positive results in your online marketing business. The consultant usually comes u with advices and solutions to solve any operational problems you might be facing in your marketing strategy.

The main function of an Internet marketing consultant is to offer advice in order to increase sales and generate traffic into your online marketing business. The service offered often depends on you as the client. What you want, they provide. These consultants also help to generate greater income for your business. Experts believe that Internet marketing consultants are vital for your online-based business because they know the right technique to convert traffic into paying customers. If you are not too sure if what you are doing is right, then you definitely need an Internet marketing consultant to help you.

Starting a business can be stressful. Running a business on the Internet can be equally stressful since the competition is greater in the World Wide Web. Often, in stress you might question each and every strategic move you make. Thus, it does help when you have a second opinion on things. An Internet consultant’s job is exactly that. He or she is to provide you with advice if your move is favorable or not. If you are a beginner in business, an Internet marketing consultant can be beneficial for you. These consultants can help you solve problems and provide answers to uncertainties. However, you must remember that it is not their job to make the decision. Based on their advice, you need to decide for yourself, what is best for your business.

The major concern is finding the right consultant for your business. You need to scout and look for a good agency that is well established. It also helps to refer to the history of the consultant to see which type of companies and businesses he or she has consulted for. Make sure you choose a consultant you are comfortable working with and has experience in your field of business. Internet marketing consultants can also help you choose the right marketing strategy for your business. With a second opinion, the chances of you questioning and second-guessing your every move will be less. Your job is to learn from these consultants on Internet marketing to manage your business and solve any operational problems that you might encounter.

A good marketing consultant can help you gain confidence. They can help you maintain your competitive nature in your business. These consultants assure you positive results and effective online marketing strategies. It is also assuring to know there is someone you can go to in face of a problem. Consultants can help you make the right decision for the growth of your business. This in turn will lead you to the path of success. So, if you are facing problems in your Internet marketing of your business, you can turn to an Internet marketing consultant for assistance and advice.

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Why Businesses Need Marketing Consultants Even During a Recession

Smart businesses know that clever and effective marketing is the key to success during both good and bad economic times. The problem is that many businesses are finding it hard to adapt their marketing strategies to today’s economic climate.

This is not surprising as successful marketing especially in a recession requires detailed marketing knowledge and experience that many businesses don’t have. Investing in good marketing consultants can help businesses reconnect with their customers or clients and promote their products/services more effectively.

This article provides a brief overview covering the following:
o What marketing consultants are
o What can businesses expect from a marketing consultant
o How they can help businesses during a recession
o What to look for when choosing a marketing consultant

What are Marketing Consultants?

A marketing consultant is a trained professional or company who can assist a business or organisation in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote their products or services.

A trained marketing consultant should be able to view things from the target audience’s perspective including how they think and react to a business’s products or services.

Good marketing consultants are certainly worth the investment since they can handle all of a business’s marketing requirements leaving the client free to focus on other important business needs.

Whether a business is just starting up or has been trading for some time an experienced consultant can assist them in investing their marketing budgets wisely and creating strategies that working both in the short and long term to meet and in some cases exceed their expectations.

So what should you expect from your marketing consultant?

A good marketing consultant should:
o be experts in a number of marketing techniques and strategies
o provide creative, fresh and successful marketing strategies that are tailored to the businesses goals and target audiences
o assess current marketing strategies, identifying problems and suitable solutions
o handle any issues or problems that may arise during a recommended marketing campaign quickly and efficiently
o collate and analysis marketing data including providing campaign reports
o be in regular communication with the client being able to listen as well as make suggestions

How can Marketing Consultants can help businesses during a recession?

Recession is a difficult time for business suddenly customers aren’t as willing to part with their money as they used to be, plus existing marketing campaigns may have become much less effective.

What is often needed is a fresh approach, but where to start? No business wants to start risking their marketing budgets testing different strategies until they find the ones that work. What they need is someone who has the expertise to access the current situation and experience to suggest proven marketing solutions.

This is where a good marketing consultant or company can really help, finding ways to make marketing budgets stretch further and work more effectively to improve business ROI.
Yes hiring marketing consultants is an addition cost that needs to be carefully considered, but surviving a recession is not just about cutting costs it’s about using resources wisely. Investing in a consultant can help businesses review their current marketing identifying areas where resources could be saved and where existing or extra resources should be placed for maximum results.

What should I look for in a marketing consultant?

Hiring a marketing consultant can bring a business valuable expertise and a fresh successful approach to their marketing efforts; however, as with any industry it’s important to pick the right consultant for the job.

The following are a few points to consider when selecting a marketing consultant or firm:
o Recommendations – Make sure the consultant or firm can provide client recommendations. Ask for a list of current clients who can be contacted for references.
o Compare – It’s worth getting in contact with several different consultants and comparing them not only on price, but also experience and service. The right consultant is not always the cheapest or most expensive, but often the most experienced.
o Research – Do some independent research on marketing consultants. Businesses can use the internet to research individual consultants or companies and check if there are any complaints or issues they need to be aware of. Even the best companies may have disputes from time to time so if there are complaints businesses should try to find out more about them and how they were resolved.
o Rapport – It’s important to have a good working relationship with your marketing consultant. You want someone who will listen to you and communicate on a regular basis. If you have doubts about their ability to communicate with you then its best to look for another consultant.
o Creativity – Part of the job of a marketing consultant will be to come up with fresh new ideas and strategies and this requires creativity. If the consultant or firm don’t seem very creative or lacking in ideas you need to look elsewhere.
o Multiple Strategies – Never put rely on just one marketing strategy. Look for consultants who will offer a number of carefully planned strategies that can be put to the test and provide clear results in both the short and long term.

No one can be an expert on everything and in business it’s important to recognise an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly. Marketing is a specialist field and it is unlikely that most businesses will have individuals with all the expertise needed in this area so hiring a marketing consultant or firm provides an excellent solution.

However, it’s important for businesses to approach hiring a marketing consultant carefully, taking the time to find the right consultant for them to ensure their business is successful not only today, but long into the future.

Recession is a difficult time for everyone, but by spending marketing resources wisely and getting the right expert help many businesses can actually become stronger and more successful.

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Choosing a Suitable Hair Styling Product for Men

Choosing a suitable hair product for your hair type for men

If you have been cutting your hair at various salons, you would have noticed that all hair stylists have their own style in styling and cutting hair. There are bad ones but there are also good ones that you should stick to for a long run. Similar to cutting hair, there are a plethora of styling products out in the market and it is important to choose the right one that will suit your hair type. Hopefully after this post, you will understand in greater detail the differences between the products so that you can make a more informed purchase.

1. What’s Your type

Just like buying a suit for an important outing, you don’t want to purchase the wrong type of shampoo for the wrong type of hair. In fact, did you know that it can damage your hair as well? One example is using a strong hair wax on fine thin follicles. Not only will you place unnecessary stress on your hair follicles, it will weigh it down and also cause damage. There are three different types of hair types that is most common, thick hair, straight with fine hair follicles and wavy or as people like to call it, curly.

2. Products for styling

Once you have figured out what your hair type is, you’ve got the most important step ahead of you which is figuring out which hair product is most suited. Don’t get intimidated by the amount of products and terms most companies use for their products. The key is looking for the keywords that is universal to most products. Of course we have worked out that for you so you do not need to waste time.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is typically translucent in color and is usually quite weak when it comes to holding hair in place. It usually hardens and leaves a shiny and wet look which is great for dress up events or formal events. It is also recommended to use an alcohol free gel which will avoid your scalp from flaking

Steps to use: Use on slightly damp hair, work the gel on your hands first and glide it over your hair to style. Allow your hair to dry first before touching it to maintain the look.

Which hair types should use this: usually people with thick hair or people with short to medium hair.

Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is usually mistaken for hair wax but is quite different in fact. Hair pomade is a soft semi solid substance which can give you a light to high shine depending on which you decide to have. It is extremely popular because the after effect leaves a natural wet look. Use Pomade over gel especially if you want to achieve a more ruffled look but still maintain that wet and neat look.

Steps to use: rub a small amount of your palm and work it around your hair to achieve your desired look.

Which hair types should use this: Thin hair or curly hair. Avoid using pomade if you tend to have oily hair as this will further aggravate it.

Hair Wax

Perhaps the most popular hair styling product in the market. Hair wax creates a matt and messy look which is great for styling. Wax offers the strongest hold amongst the 3 different products and creates a dry matt look which looks really natural and will hold even in the strongest winds. Waxes don’t normally contain the oils that is found in pomades which is the reason why it leaves a dry finish. If you have oily hair, hair wax is definitely the right hair styling product for you as it will product you a stronger hold and will prevent that oily look.

Steps to use: You can apply hair wax whether you have just come out of a shower or have dry hair. Apply a small amount on your hand and work it around your hair to get the style you want. You want to do this in less than 1 minute before it hardens as it will be difficult then to change.

Which type should use this: Thick to medium hair and all lengths.

Matt Products

Similar to Hair wax, Matt products give you the “just out of bed look” They come in different varieties such as paste, fibre, clay or putty and provide you a dry matt finish as the name implies. They provide a strong hold while adding texture to your hair follicles too which is a perfect combinations if you are looking for that messy look.

Steps to use: use a small amount and apply to dry hair for the best effect

Which type should use this: All hair lengths and all types.

Hair styling Creams

One of the least used product, hair cream aren’t really used in the morning. However, in certain situations, it definitely has its place. The feature of hair styling creams is it generally less clumpy and is lighter when compared to hair wax. You should use Hair styling creams when you are trying to obtain some control over your hair while looking completely natural.

Steps to use: apply a small amount over your hand and glide it over the area you need control over. Most people also use creams as a finishing touch after applying wax or pomade

Which type should use this: Thin to thick hair, curly hair and suitable for all lengths

3. Finishing Products

Finishing products such as hair spray should only be used if you want absolute control over every strand of hair. It is usually not needed but are essential for detailing which is common in the modelling industry. Hair sprays are usually a great essential product to use to lock in the look for the day. Go easy though as it can be easy to get carried away with spraying. Applying a short burst is usually sufficient to maintain the look for the entire day.

Steps to use: after you are satisfied with your look. Give a few short burst about 12 inches away from your hair to achieve a good spread.

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The Different Types of Hair Styles

Your hair can be styled in any manner possible. This means that the list of different types of hair styles in in-exhaustive. The list goes on and on. Most of the celebrities are used to styling their hair in many types and this is followed by their fans. This has thus resulted in a very long list of different types of hair styles. Some of the common types of hair styles have been stated below.


This is a big hair hairstyle. It is heavily featured in the American African culture and has been popular since the 1960s and the 1970s especially in the States.

An Afro Textured hair

This is a typical texture of a Black African Hair and has not at all been altered by flat irons, hot combs and or chemicals. Each strand of such a hair style grows like a tiny spring.

Asymmetric hair cut

This is a haircut where the hair on one side is longer than the hair on the other side.


Beehive is a type of hair cut in which the hair is raised completely at the top of the head. This is specifically done by teasing and padding so that the shape and size looks like that of a beehive.

Big hair

As the name suggests, this is a hair style that has a very large volume.

Bunt cut

This is a women’s hairstyle that is mid- length and the bottom of the hair is cut through straight across.

Bob cut

Bob cut is a hair style which is a very classic hairstyle and its ends are cut around the jaw’s level and then aligned close to the face. This style common among women.


This is also a hairstyle used by women mostly in which the hair is pulled back and a knot is tied at the tops and back of the head. It also consists of a bun at the side of the two buns or the head.

Business man cut

A business man cut is an alternative name for a regular haircut.

A comb over

A comb over is a hair style in which the hair is combed from one part of the head and taken to another part in order to cover up the bald spot.

Finger wave

In this hair style the hair is made or set into curls by just using some lotion and a simple comb.

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5 Hair Styles Perfect for the Fall Time

As the crisp crunch of leaves sounds underfoot, the perfect styles for fall may be on your mind. Fall is the perfect time for warm shades of barrettes, sweet hair twists and casual shoulder-length sweeps that frame your face over colorful sweaters and beneath cozy knitted hats. Here are five hairstyles that are perfect to wear during the fall season.

Tight Curls

Fall is the perfect season to feature your tight curls, especially when you have long hair. Create your own tight curls with a curling iron by curling small, one-inch sections separately. Once you finish curling, lightly separate with your fingers for a more natural, flowing look. Spritz your curls with spray to keep them in place. When your hair is already curly, use your favorite gel and let your locks flow freely, or braid a small half-ponytail around your head in a sweet fall circlet. To get semi-permanent curls, head to your salon for a perm. This look works best with slender faces.

Pixie Cut

One of the easiest fall hair styles to sport is the pixie cut. Stars like Charlize Theron, Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus all rock this hair style. Although it also works for hot summer months, the pixie cut elongates your neck and helps show off the high collars on your favorite fall jackets, mock turtleneck sweaters and pop collars of your funkiest fall shirts. The pixie cut also helps you show off dazzling fall earrings, and draws attention to your face. Style your pixie cut softly around your face, or add some gel and spike it up for a punk look to highlight your denim or leather attire.

Soft Layers

For a romantic look this fall, get a soft layered cut and lightly curl your hair for a gentle, touchable look. Curl your hair in one-inch sections toward your face for a soft, turned-in look, and spray with a light hairspray to keep your curls in place. When your hair is naturally curly, wash it as normal and let it air dry while twisted up in a bun. Untie the bun and let your soft curls roll over your shoulders. Pair soft layers with a cashmere sweater and jeans for a fall hayride, or tuck it back with barrettes to pair it with a simple dress for fall semi-formal events.

Fringe Bangs

Long fringe bangs continue to be in style during the fall months. Keep them even and long, down to your eyebrows, for an intellectual look, or add in some layers for depth and style. Highlight bangs for an extra flair, then style them to hide scarring, a large forehead or any other features you do not wish to show. Blow dry and flat iron your long bangs to keep them even, or air dry when you do not have a cowlick to worry over. Bangs work on most face shapes and any hair texture.


Both center and side partings are elegant fall styles that work well with pantsuits, formal wear and casual wear. Part your hair down the center with a comb, and then style it as you wish. Try curling your hair on both sides to combine the soft layers and parting styles. Parting especially works well when you wish to create a longer appearance to your face. For a side part, be sure to part your hair while it is still wet from the shower to create the most definition, then style as you wish.

Mix and match your favorite fall hair styles to create your favorite look. Try a different look with the same outfit to see how you like it before you wear it to any special occasions. Be sure to accessorize when you create your hair style so you know how it goes with your necklace, bracelets and earrings as well as your outfit.

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Three Hair Styling Products That Really Work

With so many different hair styling products on the market today, it can sometimes be a bit confusing to choose the right ones. When purchasing products for your hair, always pay close attention to the label directions. Choose a product based on what it is designed to do, as well as how well suited it is to your type of hair.

Here are a few hair styling products that definitely do what they promise:

Garnier Fructis Style – Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray

If you want to give your hair a beautiful, shiny, glossy appearance, this glossing spray is the perfect choice. This non-greasy shine spray will leave your hair lustrous, shiny, and soft – all without weighing it down. Your hair will be more manageable, and the shine will last a long time. As an added bonus, this spray will help seal the cuticle layer of your hair, locking in precious moisture.

This glossing spray is extremely simple and easy to use. Simply spray it on either damp or dry hair. When sprayed on damp hair, it serves as protection against heat styling. When sprayed on dry hair, it will add the perfect shining touch to any hairstyle.

John Frieda Collection – Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme

If your hair suffers from the “frizzies,” this finishing crème is just what you need. This crème is designed to give dry, dull hair a shiny and supple appearance. It can tame the frizz, while also helping to camouflage any imperfections your hair may have. You won’t have to worry about flyaway hair and annoying “stragglers when using this cream. Instead, your hairstyle will be smooth and flawless. As an added bonus, this crème also includes UV blockers to help protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun.

Using this product is simple – just rub a small amount between the palms of your hands and smooth through dry hair. If the ends of your hair are split or damaged, concentrate on these areas when applying. If you have a particularly troublesome area, simply use a little bit more.

Herbal Essences – “Set Me Up” Heat Protection Spray

Heat styling methods can be very damaging to the hair, especially when they are used on a daily basis. If you regularly use hot blow dryers, heated rollers, curling irons or straightening irons, you should be using a good heat protection product. Set Me Up provides plenty of protection from heat, helping your hair retain valuable moisture.

This spray is especially useful for those times when you flat iron your hair. Straightening irons are notoriously hard on hair, due to their high level of heat and the fact that the hair is pulled through the iron to make it straight. When using a straightening iron, it is imperative to use a heat protection product. Set Me Up will protect your hair from the heat, while also helping to give your straightened hair a shiny, healthy, lustrous appearance.

To protect your hair, simply spray “Set Me Up” on damp hair prior to straightening it. Run your fingers through your hair to distribute the product evenly. Then simply heat style your hair as you normally do. The end result will be silky, straight hair that you will simply love.

Of course, there are plenty of other great hair styling products on the market today. But if you’re looking for great results, these three products really shine.

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Internet Marketing Consultancy: Your Most Valuable Internet Marketing Tool?

Being involved in eCommerce (Internet Marketing is the common buzz word) for well over a decade, I have seen a substantial amount of trends and fads. The more recent and ongoing trend has been to entice a prospective client with a 37 dollar product. These cheap (many are down right cheap quality), not to be considered inexpensive although they are, products come onto the market almost daily with grand and lucrative launches offering normally over ten thousand dollars in prizes. Do not assume that thousands of these are sold, in fact only a couple hundred are normally sold. The prize money comes from the backend sales for the most part (up selling is the buzz word for this practice) and a popular item being portrayed as your “Golden Egg” is an internet marketing consultancy package.

There is a big issue, in my opinion, with this being the fact you are not made aware of their skill set which is the most important aspect you need to consider when picking out an internet marketing consultant. A few of the most important tidbits you should know prior to grabbing and internet marketing consultant are their experience, expertise, and background among other things. Knowing information about your consultant and having the ability to make an informed decision is what will lead to internet marketing consultancy your most valuable marketing tool.

Anyone can give you information and normally it is not desired nor considered as they normally blurt out something known by most individuals. I hear information regularly in the super market about cooking and various ingredients I could use which is wonderful. Many internet marketing consultants will either approach you or, as previously mentioned, sell their services to you as an up-sell. They also offer to do tasks for you including building your business for you. What you are seeing there is excitement and desperation coming from them subconsciously.

A consultant will certainly mention that they offer consulting services, a decent internet marketing consultant will make their services known on their webpage or word of mouth advertising. They may also play around with search engine marketing (pronounced” sem”, another buzz word in eCommerce). If you read this paragraph again you will notice there is a stark contrast between newer and more experienced consultants.

Another internet marketing consultancy trait you need to consider is their background. What have they done since quitting their daytime job? If there is a dial toned answer (a long or drawn out humming sound) you may want to thank them for their time and move along. Numerous consultants, myself included, will take on contract work normally in some area of business development which is perfectly fine. This is actually a consultants way of getting paid to further their education and implement new information and techniques they may have come across. If you need help creating an opt in page, would you look for a consultant who knows absolutely anything there is to know relating to search engine optimization? Absolutely not, would you be upset when you realize three hundred dollars later that in fact you paid for information from someone who provided you nothing useful at all? That scenario should help you realize the importance of having an idea of what their expertise is in!

The background is similar, though slightly different, than an internet marketing consultants area of expertise. I mentioned asking them what they did prior to offering internet marketing consultancy. Finding their background can help you decide which consultant you feel more comfortable with. If one consultant receives the same amount of recommendations as another, look at their background. Very few of those offering or willing to do an internet marketing consultancy have a business background. If you are in business and trying to build your page ranking on Google, would you ask a pig farmer or someone with at least an Associate Degree in Business Development? Unless you ask them their background, some prefer to not disclose that information.

Many of the individuals offering you internet marketing consultations do not have the experience, expertise, nor background to operate their own business, let alone make recommendations on yours. I can speak from experience both as an internet marketing consultant as well as a customer. I call the process of questioning someone who offers you internet marketing consultancy an interview. I also recommend you take it a step further and request a resume if you want to check resources. The problem with checking resources is they may simply give you a friends name and contact information. Other consultants, such as myself, can not provide this information due to a privacy policy they may have in place.

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