A Smart Phone and A Shoes Walk into a Bar…

If you were blown away by the way those little wheels on kid’s sneakers, called skate shoes, sent them streaking across a smooth wooden floor, you’ll love being an adult.  That’s because Under Amour has introduced the first smart shoes like the UA Speedform Velociti REthat up loads information about your workout to your MapMyRun app (owned by Under Armour).  It’s so cool it can use a simple jump test to tell you how hard to run to reach your goal.

Worried about your nutrition as you train?  There’s an app for that.You can take control of your nutritional stats using the database which contains over 5 million foods so you can plan your meals, count the calories and track your nutritional intake and hydration.  You can download their app from iTunes and program it to capture your daily intake.    You can customize it to create your specific profile, map your route if you’re walking or running and keep track of distance hiked, calories burned and much more.But most of all, you can use a Groupon code to save you money on your purchase. There are Groupons that offer 25% off the price of running and training gear from Under Armour. Or 25% off Under Armour athletic wear plus a 10% discount for military personnel and first responders.

You may have outgrown the skate shoe phase, but you’ll be blown away by the information you can capture in an app designed to work in tandem with your sneakers.  Headed back to school?  Be sure to use a Groupon that can save money on backpacks, apparel and accessories for your young scholars, or for everyone in the family.

Their line of shoes that connect via Bluetooth is part of the wave of wearable tech that’s currently hitting the market, marking the intersection of apparel and smart technology designed to make workouts more efficient. The dime-sized chip is built into the sole of the shoe and measures the distance run and logs it to create a chart for comparison.  A phone or watch can run out of power before he workout is done.  The battery in the chip will last three years. So buy a pair of these high tech work out shoes and take your workout to the next level.  The next time you walk into a juice bar, they can talk to each other.

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