The Different Types of Hair Styles

Your hair can be styled in any manner possible. This means that the list of different types of hair styles in in-exhaustive. The list goes on and on. Most of the celebrities are used to styling their hair in many types and this is followed by their fans. This has thus resulted in a very long list of different types of hair styles. Some of the common types of hair styles have been stated below.


This is a big hair hairstyle. It is heavily featured in the American African culture and has been popular since the 1960s and the 1970s especially in the States.

An Afro Textured hair

This is a typical texture of a Black African Hair and has not at all been altered by flat irons, hot combs and or chemicals. Each strand of such a hair style grows like a tiny spring.

Asymmetric hair cut

This is a haircut where the hair on one side is longer than the hair on the other side.


Beehive is a type of hair cut in which the hair is raised completely at the top of the head. This is specifically done by teasing and padding so that the shape and size looks like that of a beehive.

Big hair

As the name suggests, this is a hair style that has a very large volume.

Bunt cut

This is a women’s hairstyle that is mid- length and the bottom of the hair is cut through straight across.

Bob cut

Bob cut is a hair style which is a very classic hairstyle and its ends are cut around the jaw’s level and then aligned close to the face. This style common among women.


This is also a hairstyle used by women mostly in which the hair is pulled back and a knot is tied at the tops and back of the head. It also consists of a bun at the side of the two buns or the head.

Business man cut

A business man cut is an alternative name for a regular haircut.

A comb over

A comb over is a hair style in which the hair is combed from one part of the head and taken to another part in order to cover up the bald spot.

Finger wave

In this hair style the hair is made or set into curls by just using some lotion and a simple comb.

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