Ways to Enjoy Your Swimming Pool (Even More) This Summer

One of the ways to ensure that the whole family enjoys the swimming pool even more is to get a few toys that revolve around the pool.

Listed below are three things that are always a big hit among children and adults.

Water Slide – Bring one of the favorite park activities right in your own backyard with a swimming pool water slide. This is a classic and if you’re thinking of only one thing to buy, I vote for the water slide.

This definitely appeals to children of all ages and anyone who’s young at heart too! Have a water slide and you can be assured that the kids will have the most fun just splashing right into the water.

Some waterslides these days are small and safe enough so that a 3 year old can use it with supervision. They are also often strong enough to be subject to the occasional whim that a much older adult (Fathers…. I’m looking at you!) has every now and then.

Pool Lounge Chair – I personally love pool lounge chairs. It’s a great way to be on the water without necessarily getting wet. Plus if you enjoy sunbathing, this is a pretty fancy way of doing it. Slather yourself in sunscreen, get your beer ready and then just get on a lounge chair and you’re sorted.

You can choose to have a single lounge chair just for you like the Sportsstuff Siesta Lounge but if you prefer a much bigger one, then there’s always the Siesta Island which can accommodate 8 people in one float. Really a fun way to spend the day.

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop – For all the boys (and girls) out there. A basketball hoop is the ultimate game. The good thing about this is that it can be a really fun group game so no matter how many kids you have over in your house, they can all share in the fun.

This is naturally more apt for older kids, teenagers and adults. So prepare for all the laughter — the laughter of summer fun.

A quick Note: If your kids or family are not really into basketball, there are other alternatives to this. Some of the toys that are also available are pool volleyball nets, pool polo and a water trampoline (which I love, by the way)